TO STUDY…who the hell invented this verb??

This is all I SHOULD be doing right now…not the most interesting…nor funny stuff…I know. (though I´m playing with my camera…why not??)Let´s hope it will be better as soon as possible.
But…it was my first dance class after holidays today…and I must admit it was amazing! I really missed it…
I´ve just had the most delicious salad ever…
And my school results are getting better and better…yeaah :)  (the question is..will it last?? I hope so..)
I also wore my new ruffle skirt…and it made my day :)
And I really can´t figure out why I´m writing in English today…maybe I´m overworked..or it´s just because of my English homework  (which is still waiting for me!!) 
Wish me luck…I think I´ll really need ….French chemistry…and biology project (that´s in French too…why not??)
I love you guys…but my followers more:)
Have a nice evening…


13 thoughts on “TO STUDY…who the hell invented this verb??

  1. (vopred sa ospravedlnujem ale toto bude cisto skodoradostny koment)
    ked vidim poslednu fotku fotku tak s tebou vazne sucitim, ale som aj celkom nepekne rada ze sa mna uz netyka, ale vedz ze nechut ucit sa postihuje vsetkych studentov whatsoever takze cherie, iba jedna vec: sois forte ;)


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